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Study. Create. Convert.

I'm a results-driven, experience creating manager and executer who loves maximizing teams and building innovative campaigns to get results. My favorite moments come when the teams success outweighs my previous success, symbolizing that I’ve trained, empowered, and been surpassed. I love changing toxic environments into positive ones while increasing productivity for all parts marketing, branding, and everything analytically creative!



Watch what works. Learn what's loved. Build what impacts.

Marketing and Branding Commercials

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Thoughts from Team Members

"Lairs is one of the most creative and passionate leaders I know. He constantly pulled the best out of me, gave clear direction, and helped me know exactly how I could win. He really helped me produce my best work. I grew a ton when I worked with him and am super thankful for the experience."

Tyler Hunt

With a passion for pursuing excellence and an even greater passion for people, Lairs’ cutthroat drive coupled with genuine empathy are the rare marks of a true leader. He pushes his team to the limits through encouragement and capitalizing on individual strengths rather than setting unrealistic expectations. Though a visionary at heart, Lairs is equally skilled at giving big ideas legs through tactical implementation. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. A creative genius with a knack for quick-witted humor, he creates a culture you want to be a part of as a byproduct of “just being Lairs.” 
He makes hard decisions, stands by his values, advocates well, and listens with intent. Lairs is an integral part of any team looking to challenge the status quo in pursuit of greater things.

Kelsey Straeter

"Lairs will push you out of the work boundaries you created for yourself, helping you understand what you're actually capable of accomplishing and will be your biggest fan and support along the way. Inspiring as a leader, empowering as a boss, and hilarious as a coworker, Lairs sees his team members' potential and strengths and helps create challenging goals and rewarding wins. You'll experience no dull days with Lairs on the team and will learn to think and create and build in better ways than ever before."

Marcie Little

Personal Marketing Blogs

Personal Marketing Blogs


Since 2009 I've been creating brands that sell, convert, and hopefully inspire. Personally, I love serving others and get life from hanging out with kids. Professionally, I love studying the psychology of a certain demographic and then finding ways to convert and impact them through video, websites, emails, blogs, ads, print, and anything else that will make an impact. In the picture on your right you'll see me on a normal Friday night. I love blowing up the internet by day and hanging with kids at night!

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